Publications in Tap Water Management


  • Prevos, Peter (2017). Lifting the ‘Big Data’ veil. Creating Value through Applied Data Science. Water e-journal (2)1, 1–5 (DOI 10.21139/wej.2017.008). Executive Summary. Goetz and Prevos (2016) Tap Crawl Down Under
  • Goetz, Melanie K. and Prevos, Peter (2016). Tap Crawl from Down Under. Journal AWWA (108)12, 47–53 (DOI 10.5942/jawwa. 2016.108.0192).
  • Prevos, Peter (2016). Servaqua: Towards a Model for Service Quality in Potable Reticulated Water Services. In C. Campbell & J. J. Ma (Eds.), Looking Forward, Looking Back: Drawing on the Past to Shape the Future of Marketing (pp. 366–375). Cham: Springer International Publishing. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-24184-5_95.
  • Prevos, Peter and Sheehan, David (2015). Health-Based Targets performance reporting. Water: Journal of the Australian Water Association (42)7, 62-64.


Conference Papers & Posters

  • ServAquaPoster presentation at OzWater 2015: Towards a Customer-Focused Model for Service Quality in Water Utilities. Word Water Conference, Brisbane. October 2016.
  • Tap Crawl: Using Taste testing as a tool to transform employee perceptions of the customer experience. OzWater, Melbourne, 10–12 may 2016. Winner of the Michael Flynn Award for the Best Poster.
  • Health-Based Targets performance reporting: Virtual SCADA tags to facilitate data analysis. OzWater, Melbourne, 10–12 may 2016.
  • The Customer is Always Right: External Factors Influencing Perceptions of Quality in Tap Water Services. OzWater, Adelaide, 12–14 May 2015.
  • Visualising Water Quality: A Graphical Index for Drinking Water System Performance. OzWater, Adelaide, Australia. 12–14 May 2015.
  • Resolving the Consumer Involvement Paradox in Tap Water Services. Word Water Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. 21–26 September 2014.
  • SERVAQUA: Towards customer focused service quality measurement of potable reticulated water services. AMS World Marketing Congress, Melbourne, Australia. 18 July 2013.
  • The incompleteness theorem of performance measurement in service delivery. World Business Capability Congress, Auckland, New Zealand. 5–7 December 2012.
Data science from a strategic business perspective

Melbourne R User Group presentaion (2017).

Conference Presentations

  • Data Science from a Strategic Business Perspective (2017). R User Group Melbourne.160728latrobehead2head_060
  • Digital Interactions for the Customer-Centric Utility, World Water Congress, International Water Association, Brisbane, 12 October 2016 (session chair).
  • Competition for Water Utilities: Lessons from the Electricity Sector. VicWater Conference, 11–12 September 2014, Melbourne.
  • The Invisible Utility: Service Quality in Essential Services. Presented at the Smart Utilities Australia/New Zealand 2013 conference, 25–27 November 2013, Melbourne.
  • From Asset Performance to Customer Experience. Presented at the VicWater Conference, 12–13 September 2013, Melbourne.
  • The Invisible Water Corporation. Presented at the VicWater Conference, 13–14 September 2012, Melbourne.


Guest Blog Posts

IWA Water Wiki (Decommissioned)

  • Towards a Service Quality Model for Water Utilities (23 November 2014).
  • The Engineering-Marketing Nexus (17 July 2013).
  • The Value of Water from a Marketing Perspective (26 Mar 2013).
  • The Invisible Water Corporation (31 January 2013).